Goal update

I promise I’m not going to update you on how my 2017 goals are coming along on a regular basis but I’m so excited about this that I had to share.

Goal number three (finishing the novel) continues apace, but today I made a step toward (hopefully) completing goal number one (making an accessory or piece of apparel that I like enough to actually use).  Today, I bought some fairly heavy weight black denim for the outside of a messenger bag.  And the inside–be still my geeky little heart!–will be this delightful Darth Vader print in teal.  So, it’ll be grown up, functional adult on the outside, total teenage geek on the inside.  You know, just like me!  I’m so excited.

We’re almost half way through January–how are your New Year’s goals coming along?

Published by Inga Gardner

Writer, mother, reader, cooker of delicious things, wife, friend, repository of absurd bits of information, watcher of television, daughter, sister, lover of life

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