NOW AVAILABLE: The Flip a novelette by Inga Gardner

As if flipping a house all by myself isn’t a big enough job, it turns out that Ian Caldwell, the boy I once vowed to hate forever, lives right next door.

And he’s not a boy anymore. He’s most definitely a full grown man.

Well, I can handle this. I’ll let him know I still hate his guts and to stay the eff away from me. But what do I do when it turns out he’s… nice… and helpful… and funny… and maybe nothing like he was back when I decided he was a total snake? What was once an easy promise to make might turn out to be a lot more complicated to keep.

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 7

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The Wedding Guests

Nicholas and Genevieve are adults. Surely, they can coexist as guests at a wedding without making things awkward, right?

Sure… unless there happens to be a mix up with the hotel reservations…

Just a Casual Thing

A lonely single mom… a handsome English teacher… one weekend a month. Can they keep this Just a Casual Thing?

The Reunion

Is a reunion a second shot at getting something exactly right… or just a chance to make a catastrophic mistake?

About Inga

When she’s not writing, Inga enjoys reading romance, sewing dresses with pockets, avoiding housework, and sampling Netflix’s vast stores of foreign language television shows. She lives in New Hampshire, USA, with her family. You can find her on Instagram at @ingathewriter.