A wedding in rural Wyoming… a woman who’s had a secret crush on her former brother-in-law for two solid decades… a man who can’t seem to stop thinking about his brother’s ex… and then there’s the mix up with the hotel reservations…

Dive into these sexy surprises…

From a model and her hot security guard using a new sex toy to a shifter triad taking a major new step in their relationship, these sexy stories are sure to wow you. Lovers deviate from their set routine to explore the thrill of the unknown in “Tulsa,” while one woman goes on a very “Wicked Ride” that takes her to a totally different kind of arousal. From fetishes to fantasies to the taboo, the women in these stories are ready to surprise you. Discover a new way of getting off with “Gravity” and unravel a “Puzzle” about a male stripper who’s even hotter than Magic Mike. Whether you’re new to erotica or a longtime reader, these scenarios deliver the heat.

Some part of me is aware of how embarrassing it is to be this turned on by just a simple kiss, but none of the rest of me is capable of caring.

Sparks fly when nerdy high school best friends Dave and Rosie reunite…

Seven steamy, swoony enemies to lovers from Violet Gaze Press!

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