Happy New Year!

PrintWell, happy new year’s eve, I suppose.

I hope you’re all planning a fun (and safe) new year celebration.  We’re all a little anxious to ring out 2016 (though 2017 doesn’t exactly have a rosy glow about it, does it).

Anyway, on to new year’s resolutions.  Or, as I said earlier, new year’s goals.  This year, I’m setting three, which can be roughly broken down into three broad categories: 1.) something kind of frivolous and fun, 2.) something that scares the shit out of me, and 3.) something I’ve been putting off for a long time.

Something Frivolous

This year, I will make an article of clothing or an accessory that is well constructed enough and attractive enough that I use it regularly.  I said earlier that I got really into sewing in the last few months.  I’ve made a few small projects that I mostly gave away as Christmas gifts.  Now I’d like to really take some time and put in some effort to make something that I would like to wear or use.  On the easy end would be something like this.  But, since I got the two books by Gretchen Hirsh for Christmas, I’m really drawn to this dress and this blouse.  Obviously, those would require a lot more skill than the bag.  So it’ll come down to how ambitious I’m feeling.  But, one way or another, by the time new year’s eve 2017 rolls around, I want to have something I’ve made that I can wear around.

Something Terrifying

This year, I’m going to attend that annual Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City and (gulp!) participate in the pitch slam.  I’ve been to writer’s conferences before–they’re always interesting and fun–but I’ve always gone with a friend.  This is the first time that I’ll be flying solo.  As a committed introvert, the idea of networking is enough to induce some pretty good anxiety.  And the idea of sitting in front of an industry professional and selling myself and my project makes me feel like I need to lie down for a little while.  But there are two reasons I need to do this.  1.) If I want to be a writer for real, I need to make it happen.  A book contract isn’t just going to come to me because I’m such an awesome writer–I’m going to have to draw it in and that’s going to happen by making an effort.  And 2.) getting out of my comfort zone every now and then is an important part of personal growth.  What’s the worst that could happen?  I’d embarrass myself, say something I regret, or fail to make people like me.  Those would all be painful, but I could survive them.  The potential benefits outweigh the risks.  I’m doing this.

Something I’ve Been Putting Off

I’ve been meaning to finish the book for literally five years now.  It’s time.  And if I’m going to do the pitch slam, I’m going to need to have a finished project, just on the off chance that they say, “That sounds great.  I’d love to read it.”  I’ve put this off way too long.  It’s time to get this done.

So, there we are.  My goals for the next year.  What are yours?  Anything that you’re scared of?  Excited about?  Anything that feels like just a big old chore but which will be nice to have out of the way?

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