Read This: Pride & Prejudice & Other Flavors

It’s been a while since I’ve done a book recommendation post. It’s not that I haven’t read anything worth recommending; I have. More, it’s that I haven’t read anything that I felt like compelled to recommend. Until now. It’s no secret that I love Jane Austen. Jane Austen is the romance novel OG (we canContinue reading “Read This: Pride & Prejudice & Other Flavors”

Why Minority Representation in Media Is Good for White People, Too.

Hey, fellow white people. There’s a lot of discussion about how important representation of minorities is in the media right now. From Black Panther, to A Wrinkle In Time‘s multi-racial family, to lingering discussions about how many of America’s most popular shows are really, really white, I get that it can feel like the messageContinue reading “Why Minority Representation in Media Is Good for White People, Too.”

A sweet way to survive the winter

  And now we’re deep into winter. The stress and fun of the holidays have passed. The excitement of the first snow is gone. Now it’s just cold and the sun barely seems to show itself. Everyone has a cold. Worst of all, we’ve got at least two more months of this misery before thisContinue reading “A sweet way to survive the winter”

We’re all healthy…until we’re not

On an unremarkable Sunday at the end of this summer, I woke up feeling crummy. I’d had a couple glasses of sangria the night before, which is unusual for me, so I figured I had a little hangover.  I’m definitely getting old if a couple drinks is all it takes to make me hungover, IContinue reading “We’re all healthy…until we’re not”

Read This: The Jane Austen Project

It’s been a busy few weeks.  With the start of the school year and the writing I’ve been doing, I’ve had very little time to read for my own pleasure.  But the arrival of fall weather (at least here in New Hampshire) had me looking for something to read while cuddled up under blankets, soContinue reading “Read This: The Jane Austen Project”