Well, sometimes getting the cart ready in advance isn’t the worst idea

In case your not familiar with the two books sitting atop my manuscript above, Scratch is a book of essays by and interviews with writers of varying degrees of success and fame about money.  It’s… well, it’s frequently a little depressing.  That fantasy about making a nice, middle class living as a fiction writer is likely to remain just a fantasy.

But to make it a little less a fantasy, there’s Your First 1000 Copies.  If you’re a writer and you’re not familiar with Tim Grahl’s, go ahead and surf over to his site to sign up for his newsletter.  It’s really useful and makes the idea of marketing your book feel way less scary.

It might seem like getting ahead of myself to be thinking about what it’ll take to make money on this novel when, well, the thing isn’t done yet.  I won’t argue with you that it’s optimistic.  But sometimes it’s wise to lay the groundwork ahead of time.  Having an idea of how to sell this thing before I need to start selling it seems like a wise step.  

Published by Inga Gardner

Writer, mother, reader, cooker of delicious things, wife, friend, repository of absurd bits of information, watcher of television, daughter, sister, lover of life

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