You Gotta Start Somewhere

A recent episode of the terrific #AmWriting podcast hosted by KJ Della’Antonia and Jessica Lahey featured the romance novelist Sarina Bowen. I’d never heard of Ms. Bowen before, but from the podcast it was clear that she’s not only a smart lady, she’s a really savvy businesswoman with a lot to teach.

But the most important take away from the episode (for me, at least) was something all three writers agreed on 100%: if you are planning to publish a book–any book–you need to be laying the promotional groundwork yesterday.  The website needs to be up and running, the Facebook profile needs to be live, and you need to be ready to take names and email addresses for the newsletter.

My novel’s draft isn’t even fully completed yet, but it’s a lesson I’m taking to heart now.  After my long break from writing, I’m back with a renewed focus and excitement.  And I need to take advantage of that by getting this site going as well.  

First posts are always a little weird. The reality is that by the time anybody sees this site, this post will (hopefully) be buried under a big stack of better posts.  But you gotta start somewhere.  So here I am, starting here.

Published by Inga Gardner

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