Just a Casual Thing

One weekend a month…

If Abbie Webster wants an adult social life, she has to cram it into the one weekend a month her kids are with their father. Nonetheless, she’s grateful for that one weekend a month, since for a long time she didn’t even have that much. She figures she’ll just make a few friends and call it good. After all, who needs more than a few good girlfriends?

But then along comes Daniel Stevenson—all bearded, muscular six-foot-plus of him—and suddenly she’s not so sure that a few good girlfriends will cut it. She wants him and—miracle of miracles—he wants her, too. Still, one weekend a month isn’t enough to make a real relationship. And Abbie has to keep in mind that her first priority has to be her kids. So, she and Daniel will have to keep this just a casual thing.

Why does she feel like that’s easier said than done?