Only One Bed Anthology, Vol 2

Includes Inga’s story, “The Wedding Night”

The Only One Bed Anthology, Vol 2 from Violet Gaze Press is now available for preorder. That’s eight great stories, with eight happily ever afters, all written around one great trope, for just $3.99! This anthology includes Inga’s story, “The Wedding Night”.

Genevieve had had her misgivings about attending this wedding from the beginning. After all, it’s a little weird to be a guest at the wedding of your former step-daughter long after you divorced her father. But when the bride called and practically begged her to come to the wedding, what was Genevieve supposed to do? Anyway, it’s one weekend, and surely–surely–that inappropriate, uncomfortable, frankly massive crush she’d had on her former brother-in-law all those years ago would have faded by now. Everything should be fine.

Nicholas was looking forward to spending a relaxing weekend in rural Wyoming celebrating his niece’s wedding. Of course, that was before he arrived and realized that one of his brother’s ex-wives–specifically Genevieve, the ex-wife Nicholas had always secretly and desperately wished he’d met first–would be there as well. So much for relaxing. Ah, well, he’d just do what he’d always done: pretend nothing’s wrong and drink himself stupid afterward. Everything should be fine.

And it probably would’ve been fine…if only there hadn’t been a little mix up with the reservations…

Only One Bed, Vol 2 will be released September 16th!

Just a Casual Thing

A Novella

Just a Casual Thing is available in ebook FOR FREE in Kindle Unlimited (or for $0.99 without KU)

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Just a Casual Thing JPGOne weekend a month. If Abbie Webster wants an adult social life, she has to cram it into the one weekend a month her kids are with their father. Nonetheless, she’s grateful for that one weekend a month, since for a long time she didn’t even have that much. She figures she’ll just make a few friends and call it good. After all, who needs more than a few good girlfriends?

But then along comes Daniel Stevenson—all bearded, muscular six-foot-plus of him—and suddenly she’s not so sure that a few good girlfriends will cut it. She wants him and—miracle of miracles—he wants her, too. Still, one weekend a month isn’t enough to make a real relationship. And Abbie has to keep in mind that her first priority has to be her kids. So, she and Daniel will have to keep this just a casual thing.

Why does she feel like that’s easier said than done?

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The Reunion

(Nerds of Kilkenney Academy, Book 1)

The Reunion is available in ebook and paperback on Amazon. It is also available in ebook on Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, and Playster

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Reunion DigitalMeet Dave and Rosie…


Rosie and I were friends all through school, but we lost touch after high school graduation. So, it’s a bit of a surprise to suddenly run into her a few days before our ten-year reunion and find her all grown up and… gorgeous. Suddenly, she’s all I can think about. I wonder if there’s a way I can convince her to stay in town and see where this could go…


In high school, I was madly in love with Dave, but he never knew. Since he clearly didn’t return my feelings, I figured it was smartest to just kind of fade out of his life after graduation. Now it’s been ten years—I should be over him, right? Wrong. Avoiding him while I’m in town would be smartest since I’m definitely getting on a plane to go home in a few days. But, hey, maybe hanging out together in the meantime will get me some closure. What could go wrong?

In this sweet, sexy romance, is a reunion a second shot at getting something exactly right? Or just a chance to make a catastrophic mistake?

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